Upper Wharfe River SSSI Project

Extension Project: WaterCog and Yorkshire Water

The River Wharfe is a nationally important river designated as a Site of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI) for its contrasting upland and lowland character which is important for its wildlife and habitat. The SSSI is currently in poor condition as a result of historic management methods which prevent the river from functioning naturally, reducing its ecological health. The project is working with a number of organisation as well as local communities, farmers and landowners.

Projects in the Plan

Completed Projects

Japanese Knotweed

Himalayan Balsam

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Yorkshire Water

We are pleased to announce this project is now working with Yorkshire Water through there Biodiversity Action Fund to deliver environment benefits. This has allowed us work on existing projects within the plan but also extend our effort and focus outside the SSSI. We are looking to develop some Natural Flood Management options within the upper catchment.


This project is also forming a Pilot Catchment for an Intereg (EU Fuunded) initiative. WaterCog aims to demonstrate that the implementation and integration of various water management frameworks can be achieved while also providing social, economic and environmental benefits that are currently not being realised. This project will be the demonstration and driver through our the Dales to Vales River Network.

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