Reconnecting the River Laver

Scroll around the map to find the weir locations 

High Dam Weir

The weir at High Dam is thought to date from the 18th century but there may have been an earlier Medieval structure. The weir created a head of water to supply Bishopton Mill via a long mill leet and aqueduct system.
The project will create a bypass chanel to allow fish to move upstream past the weir structure. The old mill leat will be partially restored in order to allow water to flow through it. This will create a further wetted chanel below the weir to further enhance biodiversity. Volunteers from Ure Salmon Group and the MOD’s Operation Nightingale will carry out the work in October this year.

River Laver

The rivers Laver and Skell, are tributaries of the River Ure. They rise on Dallowgill Moor in Nidderdale before flowing down the valley eventually merging on the western outskirts of Ripon. These two rivers have caused severe flooding in past years.

Project Aim

Reconnect the river to allow all aquatic species access to the whole of the River Laver catchment. Additionally Reconnecting people with their river, engaging and involving local communities.

Yorkshire Water Weir

The Trust’s first weir removal. This weir is located at the top of the catchment, previously owned by Yorkshire Water. With funding from Yorventure (Landfill Community tax) the weir was removed.

Watch the video below to see how it was removed