Mid Swales Tributaries

Gilling/Skeeby, Scorton, Bedale and Scurf Becks

These becks suffer from too much sediment entering the water, which is loss of an important resource to farmers. Sediment causes raised levels of phosphate and loss of habitat for fish to spawn. Too much sediment can also contribute to problems with flooding.

We are working to identify sources of sediment and will work the farming community to reduce the economic loss of sediments, containing nutrients.


There are several waterbodies in the Middle Swale catchment which are covered by this project.

  • Skeeby/Holme/Dalton Beck
  • Scorton Beck
  • Bedale/Newton/Burton Beck
  • Scurf Beck


  • Farms
    Thirteen farms in the Gilling/Skeeby beck water body received visits and were informed about the project
  • Fencing
    A total of 1700 m of beck was fenced off from livestock
  • Trees
    1500 trees were planted
  • Sediment Traps
    2 sediment traps were installed
  • Bank protected
    50 m of eroding bank was protected by willow spiling
  • Clean and Dirty Water
    700 sq. metres of bankside track was concreted with dirty runoff diverted away from the stream.
  • Volunteers
    Volunteers contributed 500 hours to the project and learnt a variety of skills