Welcome to Naturally Resilient

This page is deciated to our Naturally Resilient project, which aims to deliver Natural Flood Management, working with natural processes throughout the catchments of the Yorkshire Dales.

What is Natural Flood Management

Natural Flood Management (NFM) is a term regularly used, however, can mean different things to different people.

Therefore through this project, we refer to NFM as:

“Working with natural processes to proactively manage sources and pathways of water through a catchment. Using techniques that intercept, slow and hold water through the restoration, alteration or enhancement of natural features within our landscapes. Ensuring multiple benefits that promotes catchment resilience.”


Natural Flood Management will not prevent flooding, however, could be an integral part of our approach to manage flooding within the UK.

In addition, by working with natural processes and features within the landscape, NFM can deliver multiple benefits, improving connectivity, biodiversity and habitats that create greater resilience and adaptability within our catchments.

What are the techniques?

The techniques are broken down into three main categories

Intercepting Water

The can include:

Woodland creation

Moorland restoration

Soil management

Slowing Water

The can include:

Riparian buffer strips

Riparian tree planting

Large Wood Debris features

Holding Water

This can include:

Floodplain bunds

Flood bank removal

Sediment traps

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