Environment Agency Evidence Packs

The partnership makes use of the Environment Agency’s evidence packs to identify specific project areas which are then be looked at in more detail. The Evidence Packs have been written by the Environment Agency’s Water Framework Directive Catchment Coordinator and the information within has been derived from Environment Agency monitoring, investigations and catchment walkovers. If you have any feedback on the documents or would like further information please contact: Claire.Tunningley@environment-agency.gov.uk

The catchment has also been the subject of many reports and studies which the partnership will use to develop projects with the aim of enhancing the rivers for everyone.

In several project areas, trained volunteers have performed catchment walkover surveys to identify issues. Walkover surveys are systematic visual surveys which record the location, severity and source of problems such as diffuse pollution inputs, bank erosion or invasive non-native speices. The results of these surveys are being used to inform catchment management strategies by identifying the areas where further work is needed.

Modelling on a whole catchment scale has also been performed for several operational catchments, to identify sources of diffuse pollution inputs. This was acheived using Scimap,  a programme which combines elevation, land cover and rainfall data to identify the areas where there is a risk of fine sediment reaching the channel. The modelling outputs will be used to target further walkover survey, which will be undertaken in wet weather to identify overland flows that contribute to diffuse pollution or flooding.

Electrofishing, invertebrate surveys and water quality sampling are also used to help us understand the condition of a river and monitor how it changes.

Visit the Environment Agency’s interactive maps here for more information.