Working to enhance and protect the rivers of the Yorkshire Dales for the benefit of everyone

We work with partners, land managers and the public to ensure the rivers of the Yorkshire Dales are:

Sources of pure water
Habitats for aquatic and other wildlife
Havens of quiet recreation
Key features of the Dales landscape
Causing minimal flood risk by promoting and implementing natural flood management techniques

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Our area. The blue catchment is the ‘SUNO’, the Rivers Swale, Ure, Nidd and upper Ouse. The green catchment is the River Wharfe and the Lower Ouse.

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Merger with UST

The merger between the Trust and the Ure Salmon Trust  formally took place on 1 September.
The assets of the Ure Salmon Trust have now transferred to us, including a 4×4 vehicle; Dave Bamford is now employed by us and notice has been given to Companies House to wind-up UST as a company. Our membership has now doubled with the addition of the UST members and we welcome them all into YDRT. The work relating to salmon stocking on the Ure will now be overseen by the Ure Salmon Group and they will also assist the Trust with recruitment of members, fund raising and advice.

Grayling Day- 9 October 2016

This year Grayling Day is being run jointly by Salmon and Trout Conservation UK and the Yorkshire Dales Rivers Trust. The invitation letter is in the PDF file below. Members are welcome to participate and if you wish to do so print out the form in the PDF file and return it as requested to Ken Bright.

Newsletter 2016

This years newsletter is now available.

We have some really interesting articles this time around from; new ways to more accurately monitor Signal Cray Fish, Natural Flood Management, details about how we are working with local communities to monitor river quality. As well as updates on some of our projects and a students experience with the Trust.

Give it a read; Members will be sent a hard copy in the post. Remember you can become a Member for just £25 a year. 

Big thanks to Frank Broughton and contributors for all there time and effort.

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