Working to enhance and protect the rivers of the Yorkshire Dales for the benefit of everyone

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Our area. The blue catchment is the ‘SUNO’, the Rivers Swale, Ure, Nidd and upper Ouse. The green catchment is the River Wharfe and the Lower Ouse.

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Giving a salmon a helping hand in Sweden, on a workshop for WaterCoG

New Helpsheets

YDRT are working hard to produce help sheets so people can understand what we do and replicate it elsewhere. Click the links below to see helpsheets on:

  • Leaky Dam Construction
  • New Farming Rules For Water

Winter Newsletter 2017

The Trust has grown recently, check out our Winter 2017 Newsletter and find out whats going on.

Topics covered:

  • Volunteering with the trust
  • Research Project: In-stream wood in upland areas 
  • New members of staff
  • Members day
  • Work experience student. 

Summer Newsletter 2017

Our summer newsletter is available.

Keep up to date with our new Sumer 2017 newsletter. Find our what we have been up to and what the future holds.   Remember you can become a Member for just £30 a year. 

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River Ure

River Wharfe

River Swale

River Nidd

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