Working to enhance and protect the rivers of the Yorkshire Dales for the benefit of everyone

Yorkshire Dales Rivers Trust & Ure Salmon Group: De-Combining Forces

A statement by Yorkshire Dales Rivers Trust Chairman Chris Ryder.

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This video was sent in to us by Annette Hirst and went viral.
It shows the River Skirfare after a sudden cloudburst. Always be aware when around rivers.

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Our area. The blue catchment is the ‘SUNO’, the Rivers Swale, Ure, Nidd and upper Ouse. The green catchment is the River Wharfe and the Lower Ouse.

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iCasp the Movie: Natural Flood Management

A short video from Yorkshire iCASP featuring some of the work we have done in Bishopdale.

Helpsheets & Specifications

YDRT are working hard to produce help sheets so people can understand what we do and replicate it elsewhere. Click the links below to see helpsheets on:

  • New Farming Rules For Water
  • Leaky Dam Construction
  • Hedge Planting
  • Woodland Planting
  • Low Level Earth Bunds
  • Riparian Buffer Strips

2019 Annual Report

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  • A review of 2018/19 by Chairman Chris Ryder
  • A look into trust resilience by Director Charles Forman
  • An article on the Rivers2U Project by Catherine Mason
  • A review of the Lowland NFM Demonstration Area by Marie Taylor
  • An article on DVRN by Charlotte Simons
  • A consideration off the issues around our volunteer management by Trustee Frank Broughton.

Giving a salmon a helping hand in Sweden, on a workshop for WaterCoG

Check your local river levels

River Ure

River Wharfe

River Swale

River Nidd

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